As a child I was fascinated with computers I can still remember the time when my aunt got a book about Visual Basic with an enlarged image of keyboard on the cover, I thought "this is the coolest image I've ever seen, it must be something powerfull"....

In the High school I was one of those children that skipped my physical education classes just to go to computer room and play with Pascal.
Later I went to college, the energetic department, times were tough and I needed something solid, programming was not yet the thing in Serbia back then.

At 2005. I got my first computer and I was hooked... I switched to the Computer Department and...
Well, you can see the rest in my CV or all over this site...


Aug 2017 – present

Senior Software Developer at Consolia – Belgrade, Serbia

- iChemistry - Chemical management software used by over 1200 companies all over the World
- Chemsoft - The next generation of a chemical management software

Responsibilities: Development and maintenance
Technologies used: .NET, MVC , JavaScript native, VueJS, jQuery, css, html5, MSSQL

July 2015 - Aug 2017

Owner of Softwarecrafter, Belgrade (Serbia)

For App Your Service B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands:
- Tender Portal - Portal for tenders in construction industry, used by a large Dutch construction company (IGG) and the city of Amsterdam administration
- Web Shop - multipurpose web-shop
- A few mobile applications
Responsibilities: Creating architecture of the systems. Choosing platforms, development tools and libraries. Creating a work plan.Implementation, development and testing. Finding and managing sub-contractor companies. Setting up and equipping office in Belgrade.

For ESB Belgrade: - Vehicle service software
Responsibilities: Development and maintenance

With AVSSolutions doo Belgrade
- Software for belgian insurance and appraisers companies (like Gudrun and Prodatex)
- Industrial process control software for Drina plastic manufacturer (Drina)
- eCommerce site
Responsibilities: Development and maintenance, Creating software from the scratch, testing.

Technologies used: .NET, MVC, JavaScript native, angularJS, jQuery, css, html5, MSSQL, IntelXDK, Android (native, java), PHP, MySQL, online payments.

February 2015 - July 2015

Senior Software Developer at Mrezni Sistemi – Belgrade, Serbia

- Drupal driven sites maintenance and optimisation for mobile devices, sites like b92.net, www.nispetrol.rs, www.vk.sud.rs, www.rnids.rs and many more
- Hybrid (Cordova) applications for mobile devices and backends
- Server maintenance, data rescuing

Responsibilities: Development, maintenance
Technologies used: Drupal, Wordpress, Cordova (intelXDK), nodeJS, JavaScript, jQuery, css, html5, PHP, MySQL

September 2014 - February 2015

Senior C# Software Developer at Atos – Belgrade, Serbia

- Software for insurance companies Dunav Dunav and AXA

Responsibilities: Development, maintenance
Technologies used: .NET, Windows Forms, Web Forms, MSSQL

April 2012 - September 2014

Software Architect, Team Leader, Developer, Tester, Web designer at Vafgroup – Belgrade, Serbia

- go2go (promo video) award-winning fleet management system made by team of 3 that has been used by over 40 companies
- CentriXs (promo video) fleet management, remote monitoring and controlling system used by large serbian companies
- ProCredit Info (promo video) made for ProCredit Bank and for Android , iOS and Windows Phone platforms
- ProCredit Kreditni Kalkulator Loan Calculator made for ProCredit Bank
- ProCredit Lizing Kalkulator Leasing Calculator made for ProCredit Bank
- NFG iBanking user interphace (promo video)
- Many inernet sites
- Many banners and promotional type applications

Responsibilities: Creating software from the scratch. Creating architecture of the systems. Choice of platforms, development tools and libraries. Creating a work plan. Selection of equipment, ordering, setting up, programming and networking, Implementation, development and testing . Fieldwork - Installation of devices and writing instructions for installation, configuration and maintenance. Finding and managing sub-contractor companies.
Technologies used:
▪ Back-end technologies: Windows Servers, ASP.NET, C# (special focus on multithreading), PHP, Java, MSSQL, MySQL
▪ Front-end technologies: Javascript, Jquery, AJAX, web service, CSS3, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap....
▪ Mobile solutions technologies: Android (native, Java), Windows Mobile (native), Windows Phone (native, C#), SQLite

January 2006 - April 2012

Web designer and developer (work from home)

Various clients including Marketing agency VAF (later grown to become Vafgroup) Projects: - Creating internet sites from given photoshop design- A lot of custom software

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, ActionScript2, ActionScript3, Java (Applets)

January 2006 - August 2007

Assistant to the Chief of the Maintenance of Network Sector at A.D. Telekom Srbija, military service – Valjevo, Serbia

-Travel warrant creating software
-Software for remote monitoring and control of telephone exchanges

Technologies used: RTCU (programming language specialized for ENAiKOON GSM modems), C#, Java

June 2005 – July 2015

Freelance Web designer and programmer

- Software for small shops project [ store cash register<-> computer communication driver (C, C#) ]
- Warehouse products catalogue project (Java, MySql, PHP, html)
- Invoice creator and catalogue for small companies (linux server, Java, MySql, PHP, html)
- Sites with product catalogues connected to existing company warehouse software like www.fad.rs
- A lot of android apps
- A lot of internet presentations
- A lot of custom software

Technologies used: C#, C++, C, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ActionScript2, ActionScript3, Java (Applets)...


1998 - not finished (couple exams left) School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade

Department of Computer Science and Informatics

1994 – 1998 Valjevska Gimnazija, High school in Valjevo

Natural Sciences and Mathematics department


go2go fleet management system is the winner of the JISA special award for the best ICT achievements, Diskobolos 2012 (18.12.2012) in resource management category.

Held a lecture at Faculty of security studies , Belgrade University, on the subject of Internet security and anti-hack protection.

Held several lectures on the topic of a practical javascript.

Have a few personal projects like vehicle GPS tracking and remote controlling system (yes, the third one :D) and voice controlled smart home where I get to play with electronics and software designing.

Profesional skills

• Creating right architecture and choosing right technology for a given circumstances – Advanced
• javascript ( OOP, jquery, AngularJS, VueJS ) – Advanced
• html – Advanced
• CSS - Advanced
• MSSQL – Advanced
• MySQL - Advanced
• Java - Advanced
• PHP – Advanced
• SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) - Intermediate
• Android development – Intermediate
• Hybrid mobile development (cordova, Intel XDK) – Intermediate
• Web security - Intermediate
• Linux server (Ubuntu, CentOS , Apache, MySQL, vsftpd, Postfix) - Intermediate
• Microsoft Server – (IIS, SQL Server) - Intermediate
• C - Beginner
• C++ - Intermediate
• Windows, Linux - Advanced
• Wordpress CMS - Intermediate
• Joomla CMS – Beginner
• Drupal CMS - Intermediate
• Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Freehand, Illustrator - Intermediate
• 3D Studio Max (short animations) - Beginner

Disclaimer: I made this assessment using the following criteria:
Advanced: I have used the technology professionally as primary or one of primary ones
Intermediate: I have used the technology professionally as secondary or in college projects
Beginner: I have not used the technology professionally, college and personal use only

Native language: Serbian

Other language(s):

English: Proficient
German: Very basic

Communication skills:

Good communication skills gained through my experience in managing projects, developing for foreign companies (Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, USA), negotiating and ordering equipment (from China, Lithuania, Great Britain, Slovenia…)

Organisational / managerial skills:

Leadership (was responsible for a team up to 10 people and multiple sub-contractors), good problem-solving skills, can easily communicate and find a common ground with a wide range of characters.

Other skills (hobbies):

Electronics, Auto/moto mechanics, Auto/moto electrics

Driving licence:

Car, truck and motorcycle licence